Design and buy a cold room

Design and buy a Cold Room

What cold room is?

Cold room design is created individually for each building. It is designed to maintain the optimum temperature, keeping the freshness of the products for a long time.

How it works?

Cold rooms are made of polyurethane panels with a certain thickness. In addition, heat insulation materials are used. For constant maintenance of a cold, special devices are used – refrigerating machines. They are connected to the electrical network of the building and can function without stopping.

design and buy a cold room in the ukFor those who want to buy cold room, it is necessary to perform calculations and selection of the necessary refrigeration equipment. The choice of room and refrigeration equipment is influenced by the temperature regime inside the chamber, the number of doors, the features and the volume of stored products. If you take into account all these factors, you can choose the optimal power equipment, which will preserve the freshness of semi-finished products, vegetables, fruits and berries.

To ensure a lower temperature, it is possible to use more powerful panels. They increase the degree of thermal insulation. When installing additional panels, you need to contact the specialists for assistance, since mistakes can lead to the formation of mold on the walls.

Our company will assist in the cold room designs in the UK. We guarantee high quality and professional approach.

Why should restaurants have them?

In the work of the restaurant, much attention is paid to the storage of products. In this case, the goods neighborhood should not be violated. In a conventional refrigerator, all products cannot be placed- the restaurant buys too large volumes.

The cold room will be the ideal solution to the problem – it is spacious enough to accommodate all products, and also corresponds to the norms of food storage. Cold room design should be worked out based on the features of the building.

How ColdDesign can help them?

The company ColdDesign provides an opportunity for each person to design their own refrigerator room, using their FREE online application. It is very simple, convenient and available 24/7. According to the developed model the engineers of the firm will assemble and install a real refrigerating unit in any part of the UK.

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