Cold Storage Design Service

Cold Storage Design Service

What Cold Design Company Does

Cold storage design is a service provided by Cold Design company that was launched in 2017. The inventor is a Russian engineer, who is already running of the leading engineering companies in London. Having a strong and well experienced team he decided to launch a new way of cold room services.

Usually, when people want to have a cold storage design service they make a call out, then an engineer comes to the site measures everything, discuss the details and only then sends all the information to the manufacturer. From our own experience, it is a long and inconvenient approach. First of all, it takes a lot of time, as an engineer cannot come to you straight after your call and secondly, the call out has to be paid.

The solution that Cold Design offers for the cold storage design services an online application. The application’s main aim is to save your time and allow you to create a cold unit of your dream within 10-15 minutes. Moreover, the process of creating it online is absolutely free and all the information will be sent to the manufacturer as you finish.

How Our Online Application Works

Here are all the main steps that you will face, when you use the application for the first time. Some of the bottoms might be changed, but only with a purpose of making it come convenient. Overall the application will remain absolutely the same. We are also working under a video that will be placed on the home page of the website, where we will explain how the application works.


Choosing a type of a cold unit is the first step of cold storage design application. There are a few types you can choose from. They are all distinguished by the temperature and purpose.

Cold storage design and cold room designs service


All the cold units have a standard size of 1.8 to 1.8 meters. However, you can customise it choosing different dimensions that suit you the best. In case, if your cold unit should have a not rectangular shape then you have a chance to choose a specific size for every side of your cold room.

Cold storage design size. Cold Design Company.


The door type is the next step of the application. Here you can choose the side of the cold room, where the door we be attached. The type of the door can also be chosen, as it can be sliding or normal. The hinges might also be installed on different sides depending on your preferences. The size of door can also be customised.

Cold room door. Cold storage design.


The shelves are very important, especially if you are planning to use your cold room for everyday products. The application has an option of our professional recommendation about how all the shelves should be organised inside. Anyway, you always can customise it and place them the way you want.

Cold room shelves by Cold Design company.


Choosing the motor is the next step of the cold storage design process. Some of the people need only the box as they might have a motor left from the last cold unit or they just want to order it from another company. In case, if you make a decision to order it through our application then there are two main options you face.

It can be either “monoblock integrated” when it is just attached to one of the walls and does not require any additional time; it can also be “remote”, when the motor has to be installed further. The “remote” approach takes more time and some other additional work.

Cold room motor. Repairs and installation.


At this stage, you will see all the details about the cold unit you have built. You will be required to choose the delivery option, as normally customers should pick it up themselves. And provide us some contact details, that we will use for contacting you and sending all the confirmation details.


The last step is payment. In case if you have any questions, you can always contact us by +44 755 533 6292.

You can also visit out Cold Room Designs page to find some other information about cold storage design or head to our application and build your cold unit.