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Cold Room Motor

Cold room motor service 

Cold room motor is a component that powers the cold room fans, and given that the fan is such an integral part of the cold room’s function, the motor is just as important. This is why we have made cold room motor services one of our specialties, most businesses rely on having fully functioning cold rooms and we are here to make sure that your organization’s operations do not get disrupted by machinery breakdowns.


  • Get in touch with us by calling us at +44 755 533 6292 and we will schedule a visit

  • Have a new motor? We can send out our engineers to setup it for you

  • Our engineers are also qualified to offer cold room repair service 


Freezer room motor service

Freezer room motor is similar to the cold room motor but the settings of the components are set with a goal to achieve lower temperatures. If you do not yet have any components for the cold room, you can go to our cold room designs page and put together your perfect cold room. Our company is familiar with all brands of freezer rooms, and we can install your freezer room motor even if the rest of the appliance was not put together by us. More information on installation can be found on our cold room Installation page.


Usually we have two types of motor installations:

  • Monoblock – installed directly on the cold room (this is the preferred and recommended installation, although excessive fresh air is required)
  • Split system – condenser unit is installed in a different place to the cold room. Usually outside of the building
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