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Cold Room Insulation

Cold room insulation panels. Insulation service in the UK.Cold room insulation service

Cold room insulation is the core of storing products such as food in a temperature controlled environment. Insulation is what allows the cold room to consistently have a different temperature to the outside environment. Any time there is a problem with the insulation, that almost always means that the cold room will fully stop working, or it will have a temperature that is too high and it will ruin its contents.


  • Whenever you experience a decline in your appliance’s performance, call us at +44 755 533 6292 and we will check the cold room insulation

  • Our engineers will perform a professional analysis and tell you which part of the cold room has compromised the temperature on the inside

  • Sometimes our engineers will have the necessary part on them and will perform a fix on the day


Walk in cooler insulation service

Walk in cooler insulation is a slightly different system of insulation and therefore the possible areas of malfunction are not entirely the same as seen in other systems. For example, a walk in cooler generates cold temperatures on demand, instead of using the freezer’s cold air. If you have not yet designed your cold room, you can go to our cold room designs page to finish your design. When there are problems with walk in cooler insulation, it could mean that the cooler can’t generate the temperature. Thus, the repair process for a walk in cooler can require different parts. In order to help with insulation, we use high density polyurethane so that our 80mm panels allow the cold room to keep temperatures as low as -21OC.

Cold Design company can also provide you with full installation of a cold room despite the size or where it was purchased from. For more information visit our cold room installation page.

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