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Cold Room Flooring

Cold room flooring. Installation and repairs for any cold rooms.

Cold room flooring service

Cold room flooring is an important part of having a cold room because the floor panels have to be of a certain material, and have to be put in place in a certain way due to the inner environment of the storage unit. It is not possible to use normal floor panels because they could become damaged in low temperatures, but more importantly, normal panels will become slippery and will be dangerous. Some of the cold room flooring  materials include concrete, modular, resin and vinyl.


  • Call us at +44 755 533 6292 and tell us what type of cold storage you need and we will assign the best type of flooring for you

  • We can tell you what kind of pressures our panels can withstand so that you know what kind of items will wear them out the most

  • If you currently have improper flooring at the site of your desired cold room, we can replace your existing slabs to fit the appliance


Panels manufacture

Our cold room parts manufacture also includes producing panels and we also take in requests for specific panel types. We can make panels for all types of cold rooms, even those that were not manufactured and installed by us. Our panels can be uniquely designed for your preferences. You can take a look at what else we can design for you in our cold room designs section. If you already possess the necessary panels but need them added to your cold room, go to our cold room installation section to get them installed.


  • At your request, we can add heating to the floor
  • The heating supply to the floor is essential in case the temperatures go below -21O


In case if you do not have a cold unit at all you can use our Online Application that is easy to use for cold unit design. It can be used at any time 24/7 and does not require more than 10-15 minutes. Also, by designing a cold appliance online you get 10% discount.

Build a Cold Room