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Cold Room Service

Cold room service and maintenance are two essential parts you need to concentrate on, when you run a restaurant. Therefore, here we present you all the main aspects of such services. Each of the aspect has its own page, where we describe all the details you need to know.

Cold Room RepairsCold room compressor service.

In this section, which discusses cold room repairs, you will learn what we can do for you in an emergency situation. We will explain why smaller breakages are often overlooked, and you will find out which parts of the cold room we can fix. We can provide the best cold room service for your appliance.

Cold Room Motor

In this part of our website you will find all relevant information on cold room motor. For example, where does the motor fit in with the rest of the components, what our cold room motor service includes and what services we offer for your freezer room motor.

Cold Room Compressor

Cold room compressor page tells you about the types of compressors that we work with. We also provide information about the different uses for compressors with different power. Here you will find out about our compressor manufacture and installation.

Cold Room Controller

Here you will find out what a cold room controller is. We will tell you about its functions and why you absolutely cannot have a cold room without a controller. Also included, information about how we help you pick the best controller for your specific needs; and what you need to know about cold room maintenance.

Cold Room InsulationCold room maintenance. Service in the UK.

Our cold room insulation service explains to you how problems with insulation can be detrimental. You will also learn about the three steps in repairing your cold room insulation. Moreover, you will see how walk in cooler insulation is different.

Cold Room Panels

Our cold room walls section includes the description of the material we use for cold room walls and what temperatures they can withstand. We will also talk about installation, repair and replacement, and other useful information specific to walls.

Cold Room Flooring

Cold room flooring will provide you with information about how certain floorings will not be able to withstand cold conditions. You will also find out about what materials are used. Moreover, you can learn the details about our manufacture of flooring, that might help you for your future projects.

Cold Room Door

Our cold room door section contains information about the service, the type of doors that we work with and the different accessories that we can add to your doors. You can also find out some details about installation process, repairs and replacement of doors and other related parts.

Cold Room Hinges

This section contains all the information you need about cold room hinges. You will be presented with the different types of hinges that we can make and install. You will also find out what hinges are best suited for which conditions and how everything will be installed.

Cold Room ShelvesCold room cooler repairs and installation.

On this page you can read about how we can build both walk in cooler and cold room shelves to perfectly fit your organisation. Here you can read about how our manufacturing and installation processes happen, and what additional cold room service you get from our specialists.

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