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Cold Room Installation

Cold room installation process. Installation in the UK.Cold room installation service

Cold room installation is a process that can only be completed by a real professional company because sometimes there can be problems with the setup. A cold room is an insulated chamber that purposefully has a lower temperature inside of it than the outside environment. This is usually carried out for food storage reasons. Our installation service follows these three steps:


  • Use our cold room design application to design your own cold room

  • We design, deliver and install your cold room

  • Already have one? Need to be be installed? Call us at +44 755 533 6292

Build a cold room

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If you are yet to decide on a cold room, head to our cold room designs section to design your ideal unit. The application that we have created for designing a cold unit online will save your time. You can use it at any time 24/7 and design it the way you want and need. We provide all our customers with quality service. Moreover, we are competent in all areas of our business. Our professional staff is always happy to assist you. So whether you use our cold room installation or design services, we will perform it on the highest level.

Cold Design Company takes pride in the fact that our cold room installation is carried out to the highest of standards and we never need a second attempt. You can ask our engineer whatever questions you have about the appliance and he will be more than happy to answer! The engineer will show you how to properly make use of this installation process. He will also show you how to make sure that malfunctions are kept to a minimum. The way we work will ensure that your schedule is not interrupted. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your working conditions. We will also install a controlled temperature unit in such a way that you will be spending as little money as possible on energy bills. If any question are left, please visit our cold room manufacturers page or give us a call.


Build a Cold Room