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Who We Are

Cold Design Company is happy to offer you services such as cold room designs and cold room installation all around the United Kingdom. Our cold rooms are one of the most high-quality appliances available because we operate having our own cold room manufacturers.

Clients use our cold room builder application to design their ideal appliance. They can choose what kind of shape they want it to be, what material they would like the cold room to be made of, and they can choose to add other aspects to their cold room so that it can meet the specific product they want to store.

You can make your cold unit request at anytime, as we accept orders 24/7 through our cold room application. We have more than 6 years of experience in the market, so we are familiar with most, if not all, inquiries our potential consumers might have. In case if you decide to give us a call, as well as answering any questions you might have, we will also provide you with essential consultation.

Cold room designs service. All around the UK.

Cold Room Designs

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Cold Room Installation service in the UK.

Cold Room Installation

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Cold Room service in the UK

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Why Choose Us

Our cold room manufacturers are able to create for you a cold room of any size and style. Cold Design company prioritises high service and good customer experience in order to make that process as efficient as possible.

We do not only guarantee you that we will provide you a high-quality service that will last you for a very long time, but we can also give you a fast quotation to maximise the efficiency of our services. To get that fast quotation do not hesitate to use our application that will take about 10-15 minutes to design a cold unit.

We professionally manufacture cold rooms but even if your cold room was not made by us, we can still install it and provide other cold room service needed. Our organisation is multi-functional and we offer unique design, manufacture or installation options.

What Type Of Units We Design

Vegetable Room

A vegetable room is a cold storage room specifically designed to store fruits and vegetables. An ideal vegetable room would be one that is spacious, easy to maintain and efficiently uses energy. Typically, the storage temperature would be between +6 C and +12 C.

Freezer Room

A freezer room is a specialised room in an insulated chamber that has multiple freezer compartments, instead of having several fridge freezers. It is used to store products at extremely low temperatures, as low as -18 C.

Cold Room

A cold room is a room with a controlled inner environment that has lower temperatures to store food products. Cold rooms, especially walk-in cold rooms, operate in two temperatures zones: +2 C and +12 C, and -2 C and +5 C.

Chill Room

A chill room is the same as a cold room but it has the ability to lower the temperature down to -2 C. We also advise you to have heating in the floor.

Ice Cream Room

An ice cream room is a cold storage unit that is usually used to store ice cream. The temperatures inside can go down to -21 C. It is not necessary to solely store ice creams in this room, so you can store any frozen/cold product that requires such low temperatures.


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